We're a SF Bay Area software development firm that seeks to improve the world

rather than

sell your data to the highest bidder

We build applications that

  • distill massive datasets into understandable information
  • make boring data come alive
  • help identify when and where to apply effort to make the largest impact
  • enable real change on the ground

We do this by

  • focusing on user experience, building tools that are intuitive yet powerful
  • delivering working software quickly, gathering feedback and iteratively improving
  • investing in understanding the problem domain, ensuring that the application meets actual needs
  • leveraging public data for immediate impact
  • using open source technology to reduce costs and ensure long-term stability
  • harnessing the power of small teams to ensure quality and responsiveness
  • forming long-term partnerships with partners who demand more than the status quo

While we enjoy creating software, we place a higher value on the change the software creates.