We're a software development firm that seeks to improve the world.

Our Process

Critical Juncture was formed in 2010 to provide modern web development and system architecture for government, healthcare and education. We are focused on enabling real change through software; that is we place a higher value on the change that software can create than on the creation of the software itself. We do this by identifying when and where to apply effort for the largest impact as we distill massive datasets into understandable and actionable information.

We focus on user experience in order to build tools that are intuitive yet powerful. We invest considerable time and effort to understand the problem domain in order to ensure that the application meets actual needs, in the process forming long-term partnerships with partners who demand more than the status quo.

As a company we harness the power of small teams to ensure quality and responsiveness. Through the utilization of open source technology we reduce costs and ensure long-term viability of the software we create. We deliver working software quickly, gathering feedback and iteratively improving the software on a continual basis.

Software Highlights

Some of Our Clients


  • National Archives & Records Administration, Office of the Federal Register / Government Printing Office


  • California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (Stanford University School of Medicine)
    • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
    • California HealthCare Foundation
    • Integrated Healthcare Association
    • California Hospital Association
  • Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses / Merck for Mothers
  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) / Alliance for Innovation in Maternal Health
  • American College of Nurse-Midwives / Healthy Birth Initiative
  • Washington State Hospital Association / Quality Benchmarking Service


  • Oakland Unified School District

A Few of Our Awards

  • 2013 Open Source for America Award for Outstanding Open Source Project from Open Source for America for our work using open source on the Federal Register 2.0 project.
  • Bright Idea Award from The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University for FederalRegister.gov.
  • Walter Gellhorn Innovation Award from Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) for developing FederalRegister.gov.
  • Apps for Innovation, Grand Prize from the Consumer Electronics Association for Govpulse.us.
  • Apps for America 2, Runner Up from the Sunlight Foundation for Govpulse.us

Our Team

Andrew Carpenter

Andrew Carpenter is a software developer and designer, focusing on building data processing and analysis tools that allow content-area experts to leverage existing datasets for immediate wins.

Andrew is passionate about turning data into actionable information, in areas ranging from open government to healthcare to education.

Bob Burbach

Bob Burbach is a software developer and designer, passionate about providing the best user experience possible through beautiful, intuitive interfaces, solid application design and scalable server architecture.

Bob also has a passion for open data and transparency with a desire to see technology used to improve the way we live and how the institutions around us function.

Rich Wallett

Rich is a lifetime technology enthusiast and full stack software developer. After working with development teams for years Rich joined Critical Juncture to more fully realize his desire to create meaningful change.

Rich greatly enjoys working closely with our clients to understand the problems they face and create software that transforms previously inaccessible data into actionable information. His tireless work on our healthcare projects has empowered healthcare providers to improve the quality of life for patients across the nation.

Brandon Carag

Brandon Carag is a software developer who is passionate about harnessing technology to serve others. He enjoys the process of building applications that solve real issues; from thoroughly understanding a problem, to encapsulating business logic in expressive, clean code through the final resulting change such applications make possible.

Brandon brings experience from both education and finance to Critical Juncture and is thrilled to be playing an active role in accomplishing our mission to create change in the world around us.

Contact Us

We can be reached by email at info@criticaljuncture.org.

Feel free to reach out to learn more about who we are, the way we work and how may be able to help you and your organization transform the world around you.

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